Although there is no scientifically proven way to reverse gray hair, smoking cessation may help avoid prematurely graying hair. Treating thyroid disorders, vitiligo and vitamin B12 deficiency anemia may also help prevent... More »

Make a natural hair dye from henna, sesame oil and curry leaves to color gray hair black to dark brown or red. You can also soak the hair in highly concentrated black coffee or tea, or in crushed walnut shells steeped in... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Taking vitamin B-12 can help prevent or reverse hair from graying. However, this is only effective if the cause of the graying is a result of a vitamin B-12 deficiencies that led to problems arising in the pituitary or t... More » Health Medications & Vitamins

One way to keep gray hair healthy is to apply vitamin E oil to the hair and leave it overnight, washing it out in the morning. This improves shine and helps offset damage. Individuals may also use conditioners that do no... More »

A combination of sesame oil, henna and curry leaves provides a natural way to dye gray hair black. Alternatively, a person can use coffee to dye hair brown. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

Prevention Magazine asserts that a pseudo-catalase can be a cure for graying hair. When applied in a topical cream, the sunlight activates the treatment and pigment returns to hair strands. Catalase is the substance resp... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

Using a demi-permanent hair color gradually covers gray hair and minimizes the grow-out line. The necessary materials are the color in a shade similar to the natural shade, developer, an applicator bottle, a shower cap a... More »