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Although there is no scientifically proven way to reverse gray hair, smoking cessation may help avoid prematurely graying hair. Treating thyroid disorders, vitiligo and vitamin B12 deficiency anemia may also help prevent hair from turning gray early.


Make a natural hair dye from henna, sesame oil and curry leaves to color gray hair black to dark brown or red. You can also soak the hair in highly concentrated black coffee or tea, or in crushed walnut shells steeped in boiling water to achieve a similar result.


A combination of sesame oil, henna and curry leaves provides a natural way to dye gray hair black. Alternatively, a person can use coffee to dye hair brown.


There are many different reasons why hair turns gray, but the primary cause is genetics. Each of the hair follicles, where hair is produced, contains cells called melanocytes. These melanocytes produce the melanin needed to color hair; they gradually die in time so that...


Graying hair cannot be fully stopped, as most individuals will eventually get gray hair as they age, unless their hair falls out. Changes to diet, lifestyle and use of certain medicines can help to slow down the graying of hair and keep hair from turning gray earlier th...


There are no easy fixes to preventing gray hair. The age at which you start going gray is determined mainly by genes and your ethnicity. Gray hair is usually irreversible. However, you can check for vitamin deficiencies or try alternative medicine with your doctor's per...


When graying hair is the result of genetics, there may be little that a person can do to stop this from happening. However, if premature graying is due to either a nutritional deficiency in vitamin B-12 or a medical condition related to the pituitary or thymus gland, it...