To mix stucco, make the dash coat, mix the scratch coat, mix the brown coat, and mix the finish coat. You need cement, mineral oxide pigment, water, hydrated lime and sand to complete the project. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials

To apply stucco, nail wire mesh to the surface, use a trowel to push the initial coat through the mesh, apply a second coat to smooth the surface, and add a finishing coat with your desired pattern. Allow the coats to dr... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Painting

The process of repairing stucco involves removing loose stucco to expose the lathe, installing a layer of mesh and then applying multiple coats of stucco mix followed by a finishing coat and paint. Properly installed stu... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

The mixing ratio of stucco is to use at least 3 cubic feet of plaster per bag of cement for the scratch coat and a maximum of 5 cubic feet per bag of cement for the brown coat. Water is added to the mixture as needed. More »

The primary disadvantage of exterior insulation and finish systems, also known as synthetic stucco, is that they trap moisture, which leads to rotting wood or gypsum sheathing, and promote mold and mildew growth. Proper ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials

The steps to apply synthetic stucco include prepping the area, applying a base coat, installing a foam board, wrapping the foam board, applying a base coat and texturing. When synthetic stucco is applied correctly, the m... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials

To stucco a cinder block wall, apply a concrete bonding agent, apply scratch layer of stucco and then add a finishing coat of stucco, allowing 36 to 48 hours for curing between each layer. While the stucco is drying, mis... More »