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If the radius of the circle is known, the diameter formula is diameter=2R, where R equals the circle's radius. If the circumference of the circle is known, the diameter is found using diameter=C/Pi, where C is the circumference and pi is approximately 3.142.


The major thread diameter is the distance from crest to crest through the central axis of a screw. The minor thread diameter is the distance from trough to trough through the central axis of a screw.


A thread pitch diameter calculator calculates the diameter of a screw, at which the width of the thread running in a helix along the screw and the width of the spaces between threads are equal. This diameter is one of the properties that determines the optimal use of a ...


Headings on a thread pitch chart include thread class, the fit when a screw is being placed in an also-threaded part; major and minor diameter; and pitch diameter, the point where the width of thread and space between threads is equal. Screw dimensions vary based on the...


The diameter of a circle is the length of a straight line going from one side of a circle to the opposite side. To measure the diameter, simply choose two points on the edge of a circle that are directly across from each other, and measure the distance between these poi...


There are different ways to find the diameter of a circle depending on what information you start with. If you know the circumference of the circle, divide the circumference by pi to find the diameter.


The Earth has a diameter of 7,926.3 miles at the equator, and its circumference, or the distance around the earth at the equator, is 24,901.55 miles. The Earth is widest at the equator.