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Determined by the shape formed by the screw's flank and crest, some common types of screw threads include metric, unified, buttress screw, round and trapezoidal. Other important identifying features of a screw thread include its thread form, thread pitch, major diameter...


Rotating a screw advances a spiraled incline into a surface. The head of a screw functions as a lever, while its threading is just a long incline that has been wrapped around a vertical shaft.


An Acme screw thread is a type of screw featuring trapezoidal threads, a height half their pitch and an included angle of 29 degrees. They are made in several varieties and are often used in industrial applications requiring heavy torque and power transmission such as l...


To use threaded hooks, install them in a wall or ceiling, and hang items from them. Threaded hooks are available in a range of sizes. The small hooks are suitable for holding up light items such as Christmas tree lights, while larger hooks can support tools and other he...


Lead screws are used to convert rotational motion into linear motion. They are often used as components of jack screws. When the screw is turned, it pushes in a direction, which is useful in certain mechanical devices.


Find pipe thread data on the data tables and explanations available on the website of the Plumbing Supply Group, LLC. The company provides data on male and female pipe threads and a glossary of commonly used pipe thread acronyms.


Repair a stripped thread with an insert by using the drill block to keep the bit straight, and drill an oversized bolt hole, using the tap to cut threads that accommodate the outside of the insert and screwing it into place. The inside of the insert provides the new thr...