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Measure an irregularly shaped room manually. If the room you are measuring is not a square or rectangular, you will need to measure each individual side of the room’s perimeter. Work your way around the room’s perimeter with a measuring tape, recording the length of each side of the room.


Once you have these two measurements recorded, multiply them to get the total area of the room. If the room you're measuring has a recess or protrusion, such as a closet or bay window, measure the shortest length and width of the room first. Then multiply them to get the main area of the room.


Measure the height and width of each wall in the room. Measure from one corner to the opposite corner to confirm the room is square or has crooked angles. Measure your windows, doors and how high the windows are from the floor. Note the location of each electrical outlet. Note the location of wall studs .


The sizes and associated blade spans are shown below in the table. While the table is a general guide for ceiling fan sizing based on your room’s dimensions, other factors for determining the best ceiling fan size for your room include the room type and layout. Ceiling Fan Size Guide


If the room is rectangular, you measure two connecting sides in feet and multiply those numbers together to figure out the size of the room in square feet. The area of a rectangle is length times width. When you are figuring out room size, you are solving a geometry problem by figuring out the area.


Measuring single room. Grab the tape measure, pencil and the piece of paper – you are going to write down some numbers. To know how much flooring to buy you need to know the total area of the room. Measure the length and the width of the room in meters (that is the measurement unit ESB sells all floors in).


What size TV should I get? What size TV do I need for my room? How big a TV should I buy? Those are all common questions we are asked often. I’ve put together this detailed guide to answer exactly these questions for you.. You will no longer have to wonder what TV screen size is best.


Quickly measure rooms, create floor plans with MagicPlan. Put down the tape measure and grab your iPhone to measure the dimensions of the rooms in your house, and put them together to form a floor ...


It's key to get the right-sized unit when buying a room air conditioner. Here's how to size a window air conditioner, from the pros at Consumer Reports.


Room size calculator Find a Fitter Find a Retailer Commercial Flooring. If your room is an unusual shape, it's often easier to divide the room into 2 or 3 seperate section. Enter the dimensions (choose metric or imperial) into the calculator below. Calculate the size of the room.