The common term of measurement for luminosity is watts. Luminosity is the measure of brightness and the amount of energy a star or light emits per second. The measurement is an intrinsic measurable property that can be m... More »

Basic membership to the website and mobile apps allow users to play Luminosity games for free. Basic membership to is free and allows non-members to complete one training session consisting of three games ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Star luminosity depends upon both radius and temperature because luminosity is a measure of energy output. A larger star puts out more energy than a similar, but smaller star, just as a hotter star puts out more energy t... More »

Though both are units of measure, a ton is a standard measurement of weight equal to 2,000 pounds while a tonne is a metric unit equal to 1,000 kilograms. These are not interchangeable, but the word "ton" has evolved alt... More »

It is impossible to convert watts to hertz, as the units measure different things. Watts measure how much power is being used, whereas hertz measure frequency – the amount of time required to complete a cycle. In alterna... More »

To measure thigh size, wrap a tape measure around the thigh midpoint, and read the measurement. Allow the thigh to regain its normal texture for a few minutes, and take another measurement. Calculate the average of the t... More » Science Measurements

To measure the distance between things, acquire a tape measure, extend the tape between the two objects and determine the measurement by noting the closest markings. Many measuring devices are available, but a tape measu... More » Science Measurements