Determine proper bra size by first measuring the band size, then determining the bust size. From these measurements, find the proper cup size and final bra size. More »

To measure bra cup size, take measurements for both your band size and cup. If the measurement is an odd number for either, round up. Take the number for the band size and subtract it from the cup size number, and this w... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

To convert a vintage bra to a modern size, measure your chest right below your breasts and the fullest part of your breasts. How much larger your breasts are than your chest determines your vintage bra size. You are an A... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

To calculate a nursing bra size, use a soft tape measure or long ribbon and ruler to measure the breasts below the bust and at the bust. Compare these measurements to a nursing bra chart in order to find the correct bra ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Bra size is determined by taking two measurements around the bust to determine band size and cup size. The combination of band size and cup size indicates the proper bra to purchase. More »

To determine which Milana Bra from Genie Bra fits you, use the Women’s Fit Guide Bra size chart on the official website to determine the bra size for your bust measurements, shirt size, and regular bra and cup size. A bu... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

The Genie Bra size chart adheres to shirt size rather than the traditional bust and cup size. The bras are available in sizes XS/S, M, L, XL/1X, 2X and 3X. More »