The beam of a boat is the measurement of its width at its widest point. Many ship designs have a constant beam measurement that runs most of the length of the vessel, while others may have a more pronounced taper. More »

A triple beam balance is used to measure the mass of objects. The machine is very precise and has a reading error of +/- 0.05 grams. More »

Measure a boat for a cockpit cover by determining the width and length of the cockpit, typically in inches. Also, take the measurement of the circumference of the cockpit by using a helper to hold a string or flexible ta... More » Vehicles

Depending on the Bayliner boat model, the length ranges from 20 to 22 feet, the beam averages 8 feet, the draft runs 2 to 3 feet and the weight between 3,000 and 4,000 pounds. Fuel tanks vary between 37 and 55 gallons, w... More » Vehicles

Some tips to consider when leasing a boat include developing a general understanding of boats, learning the responsibility and handling requirements that come with owning a boat and having a particular boat that meets th... More »

Registration laws for boats vary according to each state; Florida for example, requires a title for any boat longer than 16 feet in length, while Indiana does not require one for watercraft that cost less than $3,000. No... More » Vehicles

As with any type of purchase that involves two complete strangers, Craigslist can be a reliable source for salvaged boats parts, assuming precautions are taken. Users of the classified site should read ads carefully befo... More » Vehicles