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Measure from there to the floor because sometimes sofa legs are attached. If the sofa legs are screwed on, you might be able to get away with just measuring from the top to the bottom of the sofa. If that measurement passes through the entryway, then you can screw the legs on once you have the sofa inside the room.


2. Measure your furniture (or ask a store associate to measure for you). Sofas: Measure the width (A) and diagonal depth (B). The diagonal depth of the sofa can be determined by first placing a straight edge from the highest point of the back frame (do not include pillows) to the front of the arm.


Sofa slipcovers come in many sizes; you can also purchase a stretch sofa slipcover that contains polyester and spandex for your couch. With a tape measure and a few tips, you can easily measure your sofa to ensure the couch slipcover you buy will fit perfectly.


How to Measure Couch: Steps Explained. When you are ready to purchase a slipcover for your sofa, making it sure to measure everything first is very much required. How to measure a sofa can be a troubling question. If you don’t know it and start taking a measurement, the chances are that you’re going to mess it up.


Knowing how to measure furniture for a slipcover is important in ensuring a correct fit. 1. Determine the basic outside measurements of the piece. Measure from the floor to the highest point on ...


Learn how to measure furniture for slipcovers with the guide from Kohl's. Follow our step-by-step guide to find the right fit for your new slipcover.


Sectionals are great for maximizing couch space, but can be difficult to place in a room. Get tips on measuring your space properly and dealing with delivery and moving below. When measuring your space, first record the length, width, and height of the room where the sectional sofa will sit.


1. Draw a retractible, metal tape measure across the back of the couch at its longest point from end to end, including the arms of the couch. This gives you the total length of the couch.


Tools + Resources Measure For Delivery. Tight doorways, narrow halls and stairwells can all pose a problem when delivering new furniture. Be sure that the piece will fit in—and into—your home before placing your order.


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