According to Psychic Science, exploring physical abilities and the paranormal, a person can be levitated if they take part in a human levitation experiment. The levitation effect is when a person becomes seemingly weight... More » Hobbies & Games Magic & Illusions

To levitate small objects, such as a pencil, a playing card or a coin, attach one end of a piece of thread to the top of the object, attach the other end to a button on your clothing, and tighten the thread that is attac... More » Hobbies & Games

To levitate a playing card, glue three folded strips of a playing card between two more cards. Place the gimmick card on top of a deck, and release the top card to complete the trick. More » Hobbies & Games Magic & Illusions

Street magicians levitate by lifting one foot off the ground and moving it so it blocks the view of the other foot touching the pavement. By raising the elevated foot until only the obscured part remains, a street magici... More »

Actual levitation would require an invisible force holding a person aloft against the Earth's gravity, which is impossible. The equivalent amount of energy, even if Jedi mind powers were real, would completely fry the br... More » World View Paranormal

Spells of Magic describes a quick money spell that requires green, red, gold, blue and white candles, a piece of hair from the person who needs money, an altar and a small cloth bag. The ritual takes only about 30 minute... More »

A magic crystal ball horoscope is a technique of forecasting a person's future using a magic crystal ball that glows or changes colors. It is like a fortune-telling toy capable of answering questions about the future of ... More » Hobbies & Games Magic & Illusions