To make your eyebrows grow faster, stop plucking and waxing them. Exfoliate the eyebrows with a soft toothbrush, and use a brow razor to stimulate growth. Apply a brow serum, and fill in the brows with a brow powder, gel... More »

According to Huffington Post, one of the best ways to grow out eyebrows is to leave them alone. Instead of plucking or waxing brows, let them grow out. Typically, brow hair grows out naturally without the help of lotions... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

To make your eyebrows grow, avoid waxing and plucking, grow the hair out one row at a time, exfoliate regularly and apply a brow serum formulated to promote growth. Fill in sparse areas of your eyebrows with powder while... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

While nothing can make eyebrows grow faster or thicker, a fuller-eyebrow look can be achieved by a number of grooming techniques. Additionally, care should be taken to prevent damage and over-grooming of existing eyebrow... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

A man can grow hair faster by only brushing his hair when it's dry, rinsing the hair with cold water, and drinking plenty of water. He should avoid products that can damage the hair, such as hair dyes. Hair usually grows... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

While hair grows at a steady rate of roughly 1/2 inch every month, people can gain more length by keeping their hair healthy. A balanced diet, proper hair care products and regular trims are keys to maintaining hair heal... More »

Hair grows in a repeating cycle of three phases called anagen, catagen and telogen that is not affected by sweat, according to HairlossHelp. Growth of the hair shaft happens only during the first phase when the shaft gro... More »