To make a weave with an invisible part, cornrow your hair, cut the extensions to fit your head, sew them into the cornrows and attach the final pieces with glue. This process takes about two hours and requires human hair... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Wigs & Weaves

Make invisible ink by squeezing juice from fresh lemons and applying it to paper. This takes only a few minutes. You need lemons, a stick or paintbrush, a bowl, paper and a heat source. More » Hobbies & Games Jokes

To conceal cabinet door hinges, install Euro-style cabinet hinges along the inside of the cabinets. Euro-style hinges are easy to adjust with just a screwdriver so that the cabinet doors can be adjusted to fit properly. More » Home & Garden

To put weave in the hair, braid the natural hair, and sew or glue the weave into place. If desired, the weave can be sewn into the hair using a net. The process of completing the weave may require several hours, dependin... More »

A hair weave is sewn into hair by creating a foundation of flat cornrows in hair and sewing tracks of extension hair into the cornrows. The materials you need are human hair extensions, a curved hair sewing needle, hair ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Wigs & Weaves

To create braided hair with a weave, a person needs extension hair and hairspray, and the extension hair should be wrapped around the natural hair while braiding all sections together. The extension hair can be any lengt... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Wigs & Weaves

To insert a crochet weave, braid the natural hair so it is close to the scalp, and insert the hook under the desired braid. Place a loop of weave into the hook, close the hook, and pull the loop through the natural hair.... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Wigs & Weaves