Plural words are words that indicate that there are more than one of a particular noun. Plural words help convey and clarify meaning in speech and writing. More » Education

Some regular singular and plural nouns are "book" and "books," "house" and "houses," "car" and "cars," and "school" and "schools." Irregular singular and plural nouns include "baby" and "babies," "knife" and "knives," "t... More »

Lists of singular and plural nouns on, and display common nouns next to the plural form of each word. These lists are divided into groups of words with the same last le... More » Education

A temporary compound used as an adjective before a noun, a compound adjective that precedes a term it modifies, and two or more modifiers with a common base are a few main rules for hyphenating compound words. The rules ... More » Education

A "preposition" is a word, typically used in front of nouns or pronouns, that shows the relationship between the noun or pronoun and the other words in a sentence, conveying agency, comparison, direction or place. It can... More » Education

Pronouns are words that may be used in place of a noun in a sentence. Pronouns can often be identified by looking for the short words in a sentence that take up less space than the names of the people, places, and things... More » Education

Examples of words that can function as a noun or a verb, depending on how they are used, are mail, milk, play, park and walk. These words are pronounced the same regardless of how they are used. More »