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How to Slab Clay. Slabbing clay is a handbuilding pottery technique that has been around for centuries. Before potters began using pottery wheels, simple tools were used to create clay pottery. Slabbing clay is a technique the includes...


Throwing bowls on the pottery wheel is not the only option if you are interested in making a set of bowls. You can make lovely bowls by handbuilding, and using templates is a great way to make them uniform. In this post, an excerpt from his book From a Slab of Clay, Daryl Baird explains how to make and use slab bowl templates. A great benefit ...


More DIY Slab Roller Tips! Another great way to make even slabs is to use a rolling pin and some dowel rods as thickness guides. Set one dowel rod of the desired thickness of your slab on each side of the clay you are rolling out. Then roll the rolling pin over the clay making sure that each end of the rolling pin is resting on the dowel rods.


To effectively work with the clay slab construction for this project (tall vase), roll 1/4" slab several hours in advance, place on a wooden board and cover with plastic to allow the clay to firm up a bit ("soft leather hard"). The hump molds shown in this tutorial are wheel thrown bisque.

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Working on a textured fabric will leave imprints on the clay slab. Place clay on the cloth between the strips of wood and roll out. Use a pointed tool to trim the slab of clay to desired size. You may make paper patterns to follow if a form that has a number of sides is desired. Rub a wet finger over the edges to be joined and score with a tool.


Second, unlike other complicated polymer clay projects, polymer clay slab is very easy to make. Third, making polymer clay slab is a very efficient way to create jewelry. One slab can generate multiple pieces of jewelry. For today’s project, I created a lemon pattern polymer clay slab and used it in three pairs of earrings.


With a few basic skills, you can learn how to make much more. Follow these few basic steps to make a slab clay tea pot. Pound your clay so as to make it pliable yet tough. Roll it out, utilizing if you have one, a rolling pin or a evenly roung shaft of some kind. Make sure you roll it to, at least, 1/4 inch in thickness.


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