To make a flat paint surface glossy, the best solution is to paint over it using a clear gloss paint. The resulting finish is glossy and shiny. More »

Chalk finish paint can be purchased at most common stores where regular--or any other kind--paint can be found. This includes Walmart, Lowes, and The Home Depot. More » Hobbies & Games Crafting

To paint antique furniture, sand and clean the piece before applying primer and paint. Before priming, check for any damage, and make any necessary repairs. More » Home & Garden Furniture

To prepare aluminum siding for painting, use a pressure washer to wash the siding with a solution of hot water, bleach and trisodium phosphate, then apply oil-based metal primer to the surface. Use a drop cloth to protec... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

Eggshell is a less glossy paint than satin, with a 10 to 25 percent gloss compared to satin's 25 to 36 percent gloss. Paints are classified into different categories of sheen, and eggshell and satin paint both fall on th... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

Exterior acrylic latex and elastodynamic paints are suitable for outdoor brick surfaces, while gloss and semi-gloss sheen selections provide the advantages of easy cleaning and texture highlighting. Stain is a non-paint ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

Gloss paint is a type of paint that dries to a shiny surface and is very durable and easy to clean. Gloss paint is available in both oil-based paint and latex paint. More »