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Orange blossom water is not very difficult to make. The whole process takes about an hour, but then it requires several weeks of steeping time. Plan accordingly if you will need it for a recipe or an event. Use flowers that have not been sprayed with herbicides, pesticides, or insecticides.


If you want to make a larger amount of orange blossom water, double the quantities of ingredients.However, always keep the proportions the same, so for every half a liter of mineral water, you'll need 50 grams (1.7 ounces) of dried orange blossom flowers.


The orange blossom water produced was OK. But it smelled more to me like water with a tiny bit of orange blossom smell. Not great, but OK for the first time. So I made it again. And again. Three times. Until I figured out the right ratio, so that the orange blossom water came out smelling like beautiful orange blossom water.


Orange blossom water, also referred to as orange flower water, is an orange scented water that is used often in Moroccan cuisine, as well as a perfume. More recently though, orange blossom water has made a big breakthrough in the DIY beauty department. Orange blossom water can be used in SO many beauty recipes and its skin benefits are truly ...


10 Ways to Use Orange Blossom Water I don’t often think of Marie-Antoinette whenever I use orange blossom water, but perhaps I should. By the time the French queen was playing shepherdess in Versailles, the cultivation of bitter orange trees in France was a long standing tradition solely for the purpose of producing this perfumed liquid.


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For example, orange flower water is used in Europe to flavor madeleines, in Mexico to flavor little wedding cakes and Pan de muerto, and in the United States to make orange blossom scones and marshmallows. Orange flower water is also used as an ingredient in some cocktails, such as the Ramos Gin Fizz.


Max Falkowitz, a food writer for "Saveur" and "Food & Wine," describes the slightly bitter orange flavor in orange flower water as a field of wildflowers. You can't capture that exact mix of wild and tame oranges in substitutes for orange flower water, also called orange blossom water or azahar, but you can come close.


Nigella uses orange flower water in some recipes, such as Arabian Pancakes With Orange-Flower Syrup (from NIGELLA SUMMER). The orange flower water is made by distilling orange blossoms and it has a slightly more floral orange flavour, without the acidity. You can use substitutes but it depends on how the orange flower water is being used.