Turn on JavaScript in the Advanced Settings section of your mobile phone browser to enable JavaScript. You need an Android, an iPhone or a BlackBerry smartphone, and a data plan or Wi-Fi to get started. More »

Most cellphones can be connected to a computer by cable or Wi-Fi, depending on the phone. If using a Windows computer, drivers must be downloaded and installed for the computer to recognize the phone. If using a Mac, dri... More »

In JavaScript, a Void 0 is a programming tool that is used to prevent a browser from loading a new page. It is used in connection with a JavaScript Alert. More »

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Because JavaScript is an interpreted scripting language that is used in websites and not an application or a driver, users cannot download it directly. However, it is possible to download an Internet browser that support... More »

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Advantages of using JavaScript include ease of syntax, versatility, processing speed and access to extensive JavaScript libraries in the public domain. Disadvantages may include security risks and interoperability issues... More »

To enable JavaScript, open your web browser and click Tools, Internet Options, then the Security tab. Click the Internet zone icon, then the Custom Level button, scrolling down to the Scripting section. Click Enable unde... More »

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The Print Screen button on a Windows PC no longer sends a picture of your screen directly to your printer. Instead, it captures a screenshot that you can save as a file and print. More »