To create an inventory spreadsheet, open the spreadsheet software of your choice and choose the icon for a new document. Set aside a page for each type of product to be inventoried. Create headers, such as "Product Name,... More » Technology Software

An inventory sheet is important because it lets businesses and individuals know how much of a particular item they have in stock, making it easier to keep items in stock. To create an inventory sheet, the items must be k... More »

Good bar inventories include a listing of all liquor stock plus supplies like glasses and foods like nuts. Putting the inventory into a spreadsheet allows easy monitoring with weekly checks. More » Business & Finance Business Resources Managing a Business

An Excel inventory spreadsheet is a spreadsheet designed using Microsoft Excel that facilitates inventory maintenance, analysis and control. This spreadsheet can be customized for different types of inventories and can u... More » Technology Software

To create a sales call sheet, build a document or spreadsheet with sections for the number called, what was discussed, the outcome of the call, and any notes or extra information. Next to the name or number of the call, ... More » Technology Software

Create a spreadsheet by launching a spreadsheet editing program, such as Microsoft Excel, Apache Open Office Calc or Google Sheets, and choose the option to create a new document. Each program includes different menu con... More » Technology Software

To make blank spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel, open a new spreadsheet and format the rows and columns to your specific needs using the tools on the formatting bars above the document. To print the blank spreadsheet, fi... More »