To make your hair look thicker, wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, apply a styling mousse, and blow dry your hair with a round brush. To maintain the thicker look, sleep with your hair in a high po... More »

To make hair look thicker, start with the right haircut, use volumizing shampoo and light conditioner, apply volumizing products, and blow dry the hair. Set the front with rollers, spray volumizer on the roots, tease the... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyles

There is no scientific proof that shaving makes facial hair either thicker or darker. This is a myth believed by many people, but there are some reasons why this belief is so pervasive. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Removal Shaving

Washing the hair with warm instead of hot water, applying avocado to the hair, using a different shampoo, applying more conditioner, applying olive oil and aloe gel, brushing the hair less often, refraining from heat sty... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

To stop thinning hair, start with a volumizing shampoo, tea tree oil to condition the scalp and minoxildil to promote hair growth. Blot hair dry gently, take B vitamins, and consider a prescription for Propecia. More »

Dry shampoo, mousse and volumizing hair products help add body to short, thin hair. Oil-free and lightweight products are best to achieve long-lasting lift that won't weigh down roots or look greasy. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

To wash a Brazilian hair weave, brush it, rinse it with warm water, shampoo the hair, rinse several more times, apply conditioner, wait 15 minutes, rinse, and then blow dry the weave. This process takes several hours and... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair