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Stars shine because high temperatures and intense pressure at the core induces nuclear fusion, which releases energy in the form of light. Nuclear fusion happens when two atoms fuse together and create a new atom.


The movie “Let It Shine” is about a talented young hip-hop musician named Cyrus DeBarge who wins a songwriting competition, only to find himself discredited. The competition is sponsored by Cyrus' longtime crush and singer Roxanne, who falls for his best friend Kris, th...


The moon doesn't produce its own light, but it does reflect enough of the sun's light to cast a glow onto the Earth. The moon reflects so much light that it can even be seen during the day, during certain months.


Prepare the shoes and work area for polishing, and dust off the shoes before covering them with shoe polish. Brush the shoes, and shine them again using a cotton ball. To shine shoes, you need some newspaper, a damp rag, a shoe polish brush, a horsehair shoeshine brush ...


Shine is defined as to give out a bright light or to glow or be bright. Diamonds do, in fact, reflect light, thus according to the definition, they do shine.


Shine aluminum by making a paste of water and cream of tartar and rubbing or brushing the paste onto the piece before washing it off with clean water. For some aluminium pieces, applying a special aluminum polish can provide a higher shine. However, aluminum polish is t...


The moon does not shine on its own, but it instead reflects light from the sun. However, it only reflects a small fraction of light, so humans don't see the moon as brightly they do the sun. This makes it safe to look at it without requiring eye protection.