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Cake is something that just about everyone likes, but those with gluten allergies and intolerance can't eat foods containing gluten without suffering from serious repercussions. To help your home baking along in a non-gluten way, here is a recipe for gluten free cake flour.


How to Make Gluten Free Flour. Lots of people go gluten free for many different reasons. Just because you are gluten free does not mean that you have to abandon all bread-based goods, including cakes and pastries. Gluten free flours are...


Like that gorgeous one bowl chocolate cake, the ingredients to the best gluten free vanilla cake are simple pantry ingredients: flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla.


Some manufactures of gluten free flour make a mixed grain flour, combined with xanthan gum, to mimic gluten, it can be good, but not like the real thing! I look to a blog, Gluten Free Girl, when I am perplexed, and you will learn a lot from this site, do look it up.


The easiest way to make this gluten free flour mix is to use a stand mixer to do the mixing. You’ll end up with about 9 cups of flour mix, so a large stand mixer is a big help with getting this mega batch of flour all mixed together.


It's easy to make your own all-purpose gluten free flour mix with this recipe. This recipe uses simple ingredients and doesn't require any xanthan gum. You'll be on your way to baking delicious gluten free


A healthy, gluten-free cake flour mix. Substitute it for regular flour cup-for-cup in cake recipes and other baked goods (but not bread, which needs a different mixture). The ingredients are easily purchased online or in most healthfood stores.


Blend together and store in a secure container in a dry place (I prefer a large mason jar). This can be tricky because gluten free flours react differently in pretty much every recipe. But in general, use in place of all purpose or whole wheat flour in a 1:1 ratio. For extra binding (since there is ...


Not flour-less chocolate cake, not chocolate cake made with nut butters, but regular old-fashioned gluten-free chocolate cake. The kind that is crumbly on the outside, and spongy in the middle. We tried a couple of gluten-free chocolate cake mixes (mind you, this was seven years before this post) and weren’t satisfied.


Light, fluffy cakes call for flour with very little protein. For this desired texture it's recommended to use cake flour. But if you desire to make bread, you'll need to opt for a flour with a lot of protein, and all-purpose flour works best.