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To make homemade dog food, place 6 cups of water, 1 pound of ground turkey, 2 cups of brown rice and a teaspoon of dried rosemary into a large Dutch oven. Use a fork to break up the ground meat, and bring it to a boil over high heat.


The exact ingredient list of canned dog food varies dramatically by brand and diet, but in general, wet food consists of meat chunks and gravy. Pet food manufacturers usually use offal, which is the head, feet, liver, kidneys, intestine and stomach, sometimes mixed with vegetable protein for shape.


Dogs should never eat avocado, bread dough, chocolate, grapes, raisins, hops, moldy foods, onions, garlic, xylitol or dairy products. Dogs should also never drink alcohol, milk or caffeinated liquids. The extent of damage these foods and liquids can cause depends upon the dog's size and breed.


Consumer Search says that the best dry dog food is Orijen's Adult Dog. The best canned dog food is Fromm Family Gold Salmon and Chicken Pate. The best food is the healthiest food for most dogs.


Homemade dog food can be made by preparing a balance of raw or cooked meat and lightly steamed vegetables. While there are many recipes available, the simplest raw one consists primarily of mixing raw meat with ground vegetables and eggs.


Cook homemade meals for dogs that consist of at least 50 percent lean meat and other low-fat animal products, including poultry, fish, raw meaty bones, eggs and organ meat, along with 50 percent starchy vegetables, leafy greens, fruits and grains. A calcium supplement is required, as are fish and pl


How much food a dog needs varies depending on the dog's size. For instance, if the dog weighs 5 pounds, it should eat slightly more than a half cup of dry food daily, according to Nature's Logic. The activity level of a dog also needs taken into consideration for feeding amounts.


Examples of homemade dog food recipes include turkey and vegetable dinner, chicken casserole and doggy chili. These foods are more nutritious than commercial dog food with ample amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fatty acids and minerals. They are often cheaper than commercial dog food as well.


Diamond Naturals Dog Food is among the best cheap dog food brands. The dog food is lamb, beef or chicken-based, which provides dogs with an ample amount of protein.


Pet food manufacturers formulate cat food to meet the nutritional needs of cats, so feeding a dog a consistent diet of cat food will lead to deficiencies and possible health problems. The occasional cat food treat will not harm a dog, nor will it become ill if it accidentally eats cat food.