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How to Make White Rice Perfectly, Every Single Time ... Up this week: how to make white rice that is perfect and delicious, not gross and gummy. ... the starch blooms and gets sticky. As the water ...


Here is how to cook perfect rice every time.-----If your rice turns out too sticky or too dry, you're going to want to read what I have to say below about "How to Cook Rice that is light, tender and fluffy". Cooking rice is something that we all do, yet most people to this day, still have problems cooking a pot of rice that is light and fluffy.


Know your rice brand. some Asian rice can be sticky, it's supposed to be sticky, like a sushi rice. (Or rice intended to be eaten with chopsticks). Long grain American rice shouldn't be sticky. Some Thai Rice should be sticky. Basmati Rice can either be sticky or fluffy depending the application and cooking method.


People rinse off rice because it gets rid of a lot of contaminants, one of which is arsenic. Most asians rinse off their rice before cooking and they usually use a rice cooker or cook rice in a large pot of water and then drain it with a colander, the more water to rice ratio while cooking the less sticky the result will be.


How to Make Fluffy Long-Grain Rice Jill McKeever / July 6, 2011 / Make It Yourself. I used to go by the bag when it came to cooking rice. The problem I kept running into was not getting the same consistency. It's very frustrating to want fluffy rice for dinner and end up with sticky rice. Then, try making a fun stir-fry dinner and end up with ...


How To Cook Perfect, Fluffy Rice Every Single Time. By Nick Visser. 05/28/2015 05:53pm ET | Updated December 6, 2017. Rice is trouble. Yes, it's delicious, and rice cookers are an appliance bestowed upon the home cook by the food gods. But it's far too easy to end up with grains that are globby, mushy and sticky (not in a good way).


How to Cook Perfect Rice. Perfecting rice on the stove top is easy! I love rice as a side dish, with a stir fry or even as a dessert in our favorite rice pudding recipe!While rice seems as though it should be really easy to make, it can sometimes come out sticky or gooey if not cooked right (or hard if undercooked).


It’s seemingly the most basic kitchen task, yet it still bedevils many accomplished cooks: making a perfect pot of Basic, Fluffy White Rice, with each grain distinct and not mushy.It’s not impossible, though, if you know a few secrets: use the right amount of water, gentle heat, a tight-fitting pot lid, and a post-cooking resting period.


In this recipe you’ll learn how to make Thai sticky rice so it turns out delicious and fluffy, and also how it’s cooked and eaten in Thailand. Sticky rice makes a wonderful complement to so many Isaan and northern Thai dishes.


When you lift off the lid, you will be greeted by a pot full of Perfectly Fluffy Brown Rice. Not sticky, not mushy, not wet or under cooked. You will cheer because you will have finally mastered how to cook that tricky little grain.