There are two kinds of black ink made from colors: rich black and registration black. Both are made using a mixture of cyan, magenta and yellow inks. More »

India ink, or Indian ink, is a simple black ink derived from carbon. Indian ink is composed of a variety of fine soot called lampblack, combined with water and a binding agent to allow the ink to be more durable after dr... More »

Since antiquity, people have made inks from natural pigments found in plants and minerals. The basic process of suspending pigment in a liquid is still the same today and can be easily replicated at home. Several recipes... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting

According to Mental Floss, tattooing over black ink with different colors is possible, and many people have done so to cover up unwanted or unfinished tattoos. White color is often used to cover up tattoos, but a number ... More »

A black tattoo cannot be covered by any other colors, as the lighter colors will not be able to mask the density of the black ink. However, a new and larger design using black ink can be used to cover an old black tattoo... More »

The ease and speed of personally and digitally verifying the legitimacy of an official paper document, such as a check or bank note, are advantages of magnetic ink character recognition. This technology is often used in ... More »

To make an ink drawing, it's best to have a light sketch of the intended subject already done on the paper. It's difficult to draw a final draft and make it look polished without a base from which to start. Conventional ... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing