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The balloon displaces an amount of air. Provided the displaced air is heavier than the weight of the helium (plus the material of the balloon), the balloon will float in the air. On the other hand, if you inhale a little helium you won't float like a balloon, because no amount of helium can make you lighter than the air around you.


How To Make A Floating Balloon Without Helium. Well, to use hydrogen to fill the balloon, you need to create this Hydrogen gas first. It can be done by taking sodium hydroxide and bringing it in contact with the aluminum. Sodium hydroxide is readily available at home. You may get it from nearby grocery stores as well.


2 ways to Make a Balloon Float without helium - Instructables This shows how you can make a balloon float without the use of helium with stuff you can find easily or around your house. let's make.


Out of helium? Forgot to pick up the tank? Don't worry, this video shows you two different ways that you can make your balloons float without using helium! And better yet, these methods use things you likely have around the house, so no added cost!


How To Fill A Balloon Without Helium Using Just Two Household Staples We test drove this trick for blowing up balloons without helium - and here's what we found.


Nice pic. If you are in the UK you will not find helium easily to buy. However some shops will pump them up for you and sell you a bunch. Might turn out expensive and of course the balloons in the pic are not the helium retaining ones so by the morning they will all be lying on the floor.


Helium is not the only gas lighter than air. Hydrogen would actually be better at making a balloon float since it is half the density of helium! Hot air is also ligher that cool air and is probably the cheapest way to make a balloon (paper lantern works better though) float even if it is short lived.


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If you cannot get your hands on helium but absolutely need to make a balloon float, for some bizarre reason, you can do it using a handful of hardware store materials. WE WARN YOU NOW: This technique involves a chemical reaction that is potentially dangerous and we advise you never to try this unless you’re a trained chemist in a controlled ...