Acrylic nails last longer when they are cleaned and inspected daily, covered during messy chores and not used as tools. Any tears or damaged areas need to be repaired promptly at a salon or with a glue specifically desig... More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care Artificial Nails

Acrylic nails last about two weeks with proper care, and nail refills performed by a technician can make them last a few weeks longer. Treating the nails with regular filing and lotion application can also help elongate ... More »

Longer and stronger nails start with a healthy diet along with a biotin supplement. Additionally, apply moisturizer to your hands and cuticles throughout the day. Finally, apply a good base coat of nail polish to protect... More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care

Acrylic nail powder is a polymerized monomer used to create artificial acrylic nails. Manufacturers use specialized spinning devices to mix substances like ethyl methacrylate and methyl methacrylate into a fine acrylic n... More »

Acrylic nails involve mixing acrylic powder with a liquid and applying the mixture to the nails; it hardens with exposure to air. Gel nails involve applying multiple coats of a polish-like substance that requires exposur... More »

To apply acrylic nails, prepare the natural nails by removing the shine and applying the appropriate bonding agents. Load a nail brush with an acrylic bead, pat and smooth the acrylic over the nail, file the nail into sh... More »

Remove acrylic nails by clipping and filing them down, then soaking them in acetone. This takes a minimum of 30 minutes. You need acetone, olive or almond oil, a nail block, hot water, aluminum foil, a rag and cotton pad... More »