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To make a basic lentil soup recipe on FoodNetwork.com, use lentils, picked and rinsed, and other assorted vegetables. Simmer with olive oil, broth and seasonings in a large 6-quart Dutch oven. Preparation time is 30 minutes, and cook time is 35 to 40 minutes. One recipe yields six servings.


Lentil Soup recipes at TheKitchn.com include a Fridge Clearing Lentil Soup recipe, Pomegranate Lentil Soup, Chicken Lentil Soup and Lentil Soup with Lemon Yogurt Cream. In addition to lentil soup recipes, TheKitchn.com provides an article providing instructions on how to cook lentils on a stovetop.


Kraft has a lentil soup recipe that only takes four ingredients. Epicurious magazine has a French lentil soup recipe that is more complex but is still relatively easy.


Lentils are a dried bean and member of the legume family. Recipes for stews, soups and salads frequently include lentils. The beans nutrients include iron, magnesium, folate and fiber. Lentils help keep the heart healthy and assists in stabilizing blood sugar levels.


Lentils are a nutritious food. Lentils are high in dietary fiber, protein and iron. One cup of cooked lentils contains 16 grams of fiber, 18 grams of protein and 36 percent of the daily iron requirement; they are also a great source of calcium, zinc, potassium, vitamin K and niacin.


Some common types of lentils include green, brown, yellow, red and black. Black lentils, also called beluga lentils, are small, firm lentils often added to salads while still cold. They look similar to caviar, with the same spherical shape.


There are four categories for lentils: red/yellow, brown, green and specialty. Lentils are a good protein and carbohydrate source, and they are simple to prepare because they do not need soaking like dried beans.


Lentils are a type of pulse, which is a legume grown on a bush that bears seeds in a pod. They get their botanical name, Lens culinaris, because of their tiny lens-like shape.


Lentils are a healthy addition to any diet due to their cholesterol-lowering fiber content. The high-fiber content of lentils also limits spikes in blood sugar following a meal. Lentils provide the body with essential minerals, B vitamins and protein, while being very low in fat.


Lentils have a mild earthy to nutty flavor, depending on the variety. Lentils are legumes rich in protein and fiber.