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If you want to make a homemade 3D hologram, it's easier than you think. Every year, thousands of hobbyists, students, and teachers make holograms at home, work, or school. To make a hologram, you'll need some basic holography supplies and household items, a quiet and dark room, and about 30 minutes to process the image.


How To Make 3D BIG Hologram Projector - Duration: 7:08. Elena Mits 3,008,555 views. 7:08. Como hacer un proyector de hologramas piramidal para el telefono movil, ...


Although what looks like hologram video technology has been used in high-profile performances in the past, such as Tupac’s for a few years ago, I’m personally waiting for consumer holograms to become widely available.


Transmission holograms use mirrors and two laser sources, a reference beam and the object beam, to print the hologram on film and can be viewed with the same laser you use to create the image. Each type requires a different projector.


When you make a hologram, vibration and noise must be eliminated as much as possible, or else the holographic image will not be bright (at best), or not recorded at all (at worst). In this lesson, we will be making a hologram of a model of a human skull, which will be used in a museum of anthropology exhibit. Identifying the components.


My original video has a 1920*1080 resolution and I want to make the end result be the same. A little math: I named the longer side to X and If you divide 1080/1920 you get the shorter side is 0,5625 X.


Reflection holograms create a 3-D image when laser light or white light reflects off of their surface. For the sake of simplicity, this article discusses transmission holograms viewed with the help of a laser except where noted.


The only real difference between making transmission holograms versus reflection holograms lies in how you position the materials equipment on your holography work space for the exposure. To illustrate how to make transmission holograms, let's compare the set up for making reflection holograms versus making transmission holograms.


On top of that, if you make a hologram of a magnifying glass, the holographic version will magnify the other objects in the hologram, just like a real one. Once you know the principles behind holograms, understanding how they can do all this is easy.