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The DIY barn door craze is in full gear! Barn doors add add rustic charm, elegance and style to the outside or inside of any home.. Even better, they are an excellent way to save space when used in place of a traditional hinged door.


Materials for building a Tongue and Groove Barn Door. Here is what we used to make our barn door: – 10 pieces of tongue and groove pine, 8 ft tall (or however tall you want it- it comes in 6 ft, 8 ft and 12 ft at Home Depot. We used this one, which I was estatic to find because it was about $5 per board. I also like this board because it has ...


So, let’s build it! DIY Barn Door Hardware – The Supplies. The supplies can be a little bit overwhelming so, I’m listing them below, with links, so that you can find them in hardware store. Here are the supplies you’ll need for ONE barn door. If you are building two barn doors, double the supplies.


How to make a barn door easy and cheap. I always wanted a barn door in my house. Especially since I have been watching HGTV Chip and Joana. They put barn doors in every house they renovated and it looked beautiful. I like the look of a barn door and I like that you can make the way that it fits to your interior style.


From the start, I knew I wanted to build something fun and vibrant in the kitchen space to add color since most of the area is monochromatic. Whenever you walk into the studio, the barn doors make a statement. When I looked into getting custom barn doors built, the asking cost was close to $1200 for two doors– not including hardware.


Learn how to turn a basic door from the hardware store into a farmhouse-chic sliding barn door. Find more great content from HGTV: HGTV YouTube Channel: http...


Before you start shopping for barn door hardware, take a careful look at the area where you would like to install the barn door and figure out what door setup works best. If you want to cover the opening with one door, you’ll need an area on one side of the opening that’s wide enough for the door.


I also bought a metal "gate" handle from the same section for $5. However, recently Hobby Lobby has had amazing barn door hardware (that I wish was around when I built my door) for super cheap in the furniture knob section of the store (you can either wait for a 50% off sale which is basically every other week, or use a 40% coupon available online on their website).


Super cheap and easy DIY project at under $10 for the whole kit including the rail. No need for bending or welding any part of the pieces. ... DIY Rustic Barn door Hardware ... Make any door a ...


Make Your Own Sliding Barn Door - For Cheap! If you're on Pinterest as much as I am, then you know sliding barn doors are, like, design crack right now. They seem to work with just about every style, from ultra modern to shabby chic to vintage industrial, and they SLIDE OPEN.