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Loosen curls by washing and deep conditioning hair, scrunching excess water out with your hands and separating the hair into sections. Apply styling cream to the sections, and braid or twist each section. Allow the hair to air dry, then untwist or unbraid the hair, and fluff it out with your fingers


When hair is curled, it undergoes a temporary physical change in which hydrogen bonds are temporarily weakened and altered. This physical change is easily reversed when the curls are introduced to further heat or humidity.


To get loose curls, comb the hair, dampen the bottom half with water, roll 2-inch sections halfway up to the head, tie them in place with cloth strips, leave the strips in overnight, and remove them in the morning. This overnight process requires cloth strips, a comb, water and hairspray.


To create loose curls, prepare the hair, apply hair-styling product, and dry with some wave and body in the hair. Divide the hair, curl large sections, spray with texturizing spray, and loosen the curls.


There are ten ends in competitive play and eight ends in standard play in the sport of curling. An end can also be described as a round, in which each team takes turns sliding a stone towards a target. This target is known as the "house."


In order to make hair curly, a product or process must be applied to it. Depending on the time available, a curling iron can be used for quick results or, if there is time to plan ahead, the hair can be twisted or braided overnight.


Relax your back by slowly and gently stretching in a comfortable position, but do not bounce. If you feel pain while performing any stretch, stop immediately.


Curling, as one of the oldest team sports in the world, first originated in Scotland during the 16th century. The first official curling club, named the Grand Caledonian Curling Club, was also formed in Scotland in 1838. In the 20th century, the sport's rules were standardized.


To curl your hair with a curling wand, preheat the wand, comb the hair, apply heat styling spray, wrap small sections around the curling wand, and apply hairspray. This 45-minute process requires a mirror, heat styling spray, a heatproof glove, a comb, a hair clip and hairspray.


Big curls can be achieved through a carefully applied process of heat protection products, hair sprays and heated implements. There are several methods to use and the one that works best may vary.