Basic line dance steps include stationary, single-count steps such as the hold, in which the dancer stays in place for a beat without moving, and the bump, in which the dancer pops a hip to one side without moving the fe... More » Art & Literature

Some line dancing steps are the rock step, scoot, shuffle, ball change and the heel strut. A line dance is a choreographed style of step sequences. Many sequences of steps have names, known as jargon, in order to make ch... More » Art & Literature

The first step to the line dance the country slide is the "step together step touch," which consists of stepping right with the right foot, stepping the left foot beside the right, stepping the right foot to the right ag... More » Art & Literature

Basic square dancing moves include steps such as the circle, swing, do-si-do and courtesy turns, and configurations such as the allemande left, the grand right or left, the right-left through, the two ladies chain and th... More »

Basic steps in aerobics include marching or jogging in place, skipping, jumping jacks, kicking, punching, hamstring curls and the grapevine, a lateral move where exercisers step rhythmically to the right and then to the ... More »

Some basic line dancing steps are the slide, shuffle and scoot. Line dancing is a choreographed style of dance, and many sequences of steps also have names, such as the grapevine, pivot and kick-ball-change. More » Art & Literature

Dancing with a turnboard requires performing a pirouette as usual, but with the dancer's foot flat on the turnboard instead of on pointe. Using a turnboard allows dancers to practice elements of pirouettes, such as arm p... More » Art & Literature