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So I went to work right away coming up with several interesting and simple options for how to lighten hair naturally. How to Lighten Hair Naturally: And Add Highlights 1. Lemons. First, lemon juice, diluted half and half with distilled water, will lighten dark blond or light brown hair and won’t leave reddish tones unless your hair already ...


How to Lighten Naturally Black Coloured Hair at Home. Black hair is beautiful, but sometimes you just need a change. When it comes to altering black hair at home, you have many options. A light dye can make a subtle change, as can natural...


How to Lighten Dark Hair. Maybe you accidentally dyed your hair too dark or maybe your natural color is just a shade or so darker than you would prefer. Either way, there are both natural and chemical tricks you can try to lighten your dark hair. Talk about potential hair damage. Many people with darker hair may...


6 Ways to Naturally Bleach Hair At Home. Now that you have some knowledge of how hair dyeing works and some risks involved in the use of chemical-based dyes, let’s delve into some natural ways for how to lighten hair.


Lighten Your Hair Naturally for Summer with These Great Homemade Recipes Everyone wants lighter hair in summer. Well, maybe not everyone but most people do prefer a lighter look for the warmer months. If you


Lightening hair becomes necessary when you want to dye afresh, go blonde or want to go a few shades lighter. Here’s how to lighten dyed hair naturally, fast, with baking soda and without bleach. You can also use bleach or natural lighteners to lighten dyed black hair or dark brown hair a few shades lighter. …


Sleek black hair is undeniably gorgeous—but it can also be undeniably difficult to color. And as pretty as your natural hair color is, we understand that sometimes you might want to sport a lighter hair color. In a world full of endless hair color trends, it makes sense that you’d want to change your beauty look every once in a while. But how exactly do you go about lightening black hair?


You can do this 2 to 3 times a week to naturally lighten your hair. Method 5: Henna. Henna is a natural hair dye, traditionally used to cover graying hair. However, if you have black or dark brown hair, you can apply henna to lighten your hair. We especially recommend this method if you want reddish highlights in your hair.


From time to time, we all want to change your hair color. Perhaps you want something more seasonal, or just want to lighten dark brown hair. Unfortunately, whether you want a neutral color or something more unusual, changing color can be a damaging process. Lightening your hair from dark brown to light brown can be […]


As far as I can remember (I've been dying my hair for 14 years, give me a break), my natural shade is a quite nice medium brown. ... she promised to lighten my hair over a period of time - and to ...