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To kick a soccer ball hard, shorten your stride as you approach the ball to give your leg swing power and control. Then, take a small hop forward at the end of the last stride. Plant your non-kicking foot next to the ball so your body is centered, which will help your aim as well as your foot strike.


Keep that V shape as long as possible and at the last minute let it extent in a WHIPPING motion through the ball. 4) Kick with the big toe knuckle. Approach the ball from a slight angle.


Strike with your laces to maximize power when kicking a soccer ball; learn more and get soccer ball shooting tips in this free beginner soccer (football or futbol) skills video lesson.


The most powerful way to kick a soccer ball is to run a few steps before kicking it. Turn your plantar foot so your toe is facing your target. Swing back your kicking leg, lock your ankle and drive through the ball with the top of your foot. To generate even more power, jump through the kick and land on your kicking foot.


Kicking a soccer ball is the most complicated soccer skill. Unfortunately, most players never receive formal training on proper technique. They are forced to use “trial and error” to improve their kick. Learning how to kick a soccer ball through “trial and error” is difficult and takes a long time. Luckily you’ve found this article.


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The sports apparel company’s Snapshot App, available on both iOS and Android devices, has a simple premise: measure how hard and fast a person can kick a soccer ball. The app records footage of a person taking the shot and determines from the video how fast they sent the ball rolling or flying depending on how well they can strike a soccer ball.


The Trick To Teaching Your Kid to Kick a Soccer Ball It's not as simple as telling them to go hit the ball really hard. By Luis Paez-Pumar. Mar 08 2018, 11:39 AM. EMAIL; SHARE; Soccer is the second most-popular youth sport in the United States (trailing only basketball).


How to Kick a Soccer Ball Harder. By Coach V Blast The Ball – SoccerU. I don’t care if you are 8 or 38 years old, a funny thing happens when we place a soccer ball on the grass in front of a goal. Something in our mind seems to ‘snap’ and we try and strike the ball as hard as we can.


How to kick a soccer ball. I am often asked for advice on how to strike a ball properly, especially to hit the ball over a long distance, or to shoot it really hard. Here is a progression that I like to do with practically any aged player. I have recently used variations of this with a group of U-10 players as well as with the U-16 National Team.