Groundhogs, also called woodchucks, are expert diggers that can cause a number of problems for homeowners. To remove them, set up large cage traps in the shade, close to their burrows, purchase groundhog repellents or bu... More » Home & Garden Pest Control Furry Pests

The Humane Society states that fencing, scare devices, removing high grass and debris and closing burrows deter groundhogs from invading gardens. Groundhogs may leave the property if burrows are disturbed. More »

The most effective way to remove a groundhog is with a trap. The use of chemical or electronic repellents as well as the installation of a steel-mesh fence or other barrier can ensure that future infestations are less li... More » Home & Garden Pest Control Furry Pests

One home remedy to get rid of groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, is to plant a line of garlic near where the groundhog enters the garden. Alternatively, sprinkle blood meal or talcum powder around the perimeter of the... More »

Removing tall grass and other debris from property and closing woodchuck burrows are methods used to force woodchucks to relocate. It's necessary to remove debris before attempting to find burrows. More » Home & Garden Pest Control Furry Pests

Getting rid of groundhogs effectively involves frightening groundhogs away from the homeowner's garden with motion devices; this discourages groundhogs by using repellent smells or tastes and fencing groundhogs out of th... More »

One easy way to get rid of woodchucks is to get a big dog. Another option is to put garlic plants near the woodchuck's entry point. More » Home & Garden Pest Control Furry Pests