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How To Naturally Repel Gnats. It is no secret that gnats are annoying. The buzzing alone is enough to drive you crazy. But there is also a distinct smell that comes with large swarms of gnats. Many people claim it reminds them of rotten fruit. Not attractive. Gnats are usually not satisfied with invading your outdoor living area, either.


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To keep gnats away from your face, put on a hat with a brim to block them from flying towards your nose and mouth. You can also wear sunglasses or safety goggles to keep gnats out of your eyes. If you don’t have a hat or sunglasses, dab a bit of cooking oil on your forehead, behind your ears, and down your neck.


Once you make a meal, sit down and eat, you may want to put off the dishes for a while. Unfortunately, it doesn't take gnats long to smell food and start swarming around the kitchen. One solution would be to take turns with a family member each night to pick up and clean the dishes promptly after dinner so you can cut back on the gnats.


You also have the option of placing a rotting banana or apple by a door or window in your home. Once the gnats gather to feast, spray them with an insect spray. Prevent Gnats From Moving In. Your best method of keeping the gnats at bay is to put a stop to them from coming in the first place.


Gnats are a pesky part of life. Down here in Florida, gnats are as commonplace as sweating the moment you walk out of the house — which is pretty uncomfortably common. So how can you repel these ...


Nothing is worse than being bothered by flying pests. It can make life miserable for you….and your chickens! That's why this article is about my top 6 ways to keep flies, gnats, and mosquitoes off your chickens so you AND they can enjoy time outside!


Mosquitoes will not only feed off of your cat's blood, they can also spread diseases such as heartworm and cause problems with the cat's immune system. Gnats can also be an irritant to your pet. Keeping mosquitoes and gnats away from your cats should be a high priority and requires only mininmal effort on your part.


I have a bug net, just wondered what works for you to keep them off the face.:-? You just said it. A bug net is what I use. I also do have one similar to a "Lone Ranger" mask that just covers my eyes and ears. Use it sometimes. Works pretty well, if you don't fret about trail fashion too much! Rain:sunMan.


Gnats are small insects that can be very annoying, especially when they are fluttering around your face. Gnats sometimes bite, but more often, they are simply bothersome, because they fly into your eyes, mouth and nose, while you blink, speak, work and breathe. There are several home remedy strategies for keeping gnats out of your eyes.