Strict cleanliness, separation of preparation areas and trash, and the use of commercial or herbal repellents are the easiest ways to reduce fly nuisance. Flies are often unwanted guests at any gathering where there is f... More »

To deter flies outdoors, remove any water or food sources that may attract the pests, and apply an insecticide to the areas where flies are most populous. Some natural products, such as basil and camphor, also repel flie... More »

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Companies determine food expiration dates in a variety of ways, depending on the type of food. As of 2015, the only food item required by U.S. federal regulations to be marked with an expiration date is infant formula, s... More » Food Food Storage

Freezing, canning and drying are all effective ways to preserve food. All of these methods are useful for extending the shelf life of many kinds of fresh foods, including fruits, meats and herbs. More » Food Food Storage

Some ways to dry apples are to place them in the oven, out in the sun or in a food dehydrator. Before using one of these methods to dry the apples, wash, core and peel the apples, and then soak them in a solution that pr... More » Food Food Storage