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41 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill. Everyone’s looking for ways to go green and save a little green these days. A major source of expenditure for all of us is our electricity bill. Its a great place to start saving money by making some small changes in your home.


15 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill. ... Tweaking your usage can lower your bill by as much as 25%. Keep reading for ways to save on your electric bill. ... Home heating and cooling are 10 of the ...


How to Lower Electricity Bills in the Summer. During the summer, electric bills can skyrocket. There are some simple energy saving techniques that can help you lower electricity bills in the summertime. For best results, implement more...


Lower your electric bill and boost your savings with these cost-effective strategies. Save money on your electric bill with these expert-backed tips. ... How to Keep Energy Costs Low.


As you make the adjustment to your attire, you can manage how you’re feeling without utilizing any electricity-draining appliances or devices to regulate the temperature. This will keep you feeling cozy while still preventing you from running up your electric bill unnecessarily. 4. Replace your air filter.


How to lower your utility bills--20 inexpensive tips. As a young adult, I never knew that there was such a thing as an energy use consultation where organizations analyze possible places you have ...


10 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill . ... doing more to conserve energy and lower our electric bill, ... the heat of the day forces the AC to work harder to keep the house at a comfortable ...


Keeping Your Utility Bills Low We all learn every year how utility bills keep going up and up and up. But while there is little you can do about price increases, there is a lot you can do about using less electricity, gas, and water — which saves you money, and as an added benefit, helps conserve the environment's resources.


Nothing seemed ideal, so I decided to find out if I could lower my bill simply by using everything more efficiently. ... Keep Your Vents Open and Clean ... Many utility companies have plans set up ...


A shocking 75 percent of the energy used by home electronics is consumed when they are turned off. Phantom loads of electric usage come from televisions, DVD players, stereos, computers, and many kitchen appliances—basically anything that holds a time or other settings. A simple solution is to plug all of these items into power strips and get in the habit of turning off the strips between uses.