One can keep freshly baked brownies up to four day at room temperature in a closed plastic container. However, this is only true for brownies that do not have a frosting that consists of eggs or dairy ingredients such as... More »

Because Daisies and Brownies are the youngest members of the Girl Scouts, ranging from kindergarteners to third graders, they have short attention spans. Therefore, planning a Daisy or Brownie Girl Scout meeting involves... More » Family Parenting

It is possible to make chocolate brownie cookies using a packaged brownie mix. This recipe uses only one egg to keep the brownie cookies from rising too much. Conversely, an extra egg can be added to a standard brownie m... More » Food Cooking Desserts

An uncut, freshly baked pecan pie can be kept at room temperature for two hours before it is served. If the pecan pie is refrigerated, it keeps for up to four days. More »

Some tips for proper food safety include always washing your hands before and after handling food, especially raw meats, refrigerating or freezing leftovers within 2 hours after cooking, and thawing food in the refrigera... More »

To ripen properly, bananas should be stored at room temperature. They should not be stored in a plastic bag or in the refrigerator because bananas in plastic bags may not ripen evenly, and bananas in the refrigerator sto... More » Food Food Storage

Keep fudge fresh for up to 2 weeks by wrapping it tightly in plastic wrap or storing it in an airtight container and keeping it at room temperature. If properly wrapped, fudge can be stored in the freezer for several mon... More »