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How to Soften Brown Sugar That's Gone Hard. ... The most efficient way to keep brown sugar soft is to keep it sealed in an airtight container. The trick is to limit the amount of air exposure as ...


Store brown sugar in an airtight container. Brown sugar tends to get hard due to air exposure. If you want to keep brown sugar soft, you're best option is to store your brown sugar in a sealable, airtight container as soon as you open it up. Limit air exposure as much as possible when storing brown sugar.


For long-term recovery of brown sugar, Domino Sugar recommends moving your hardened brown sugar into an air-tight container, and adding in a piece of bread or a couple of damp paper towels until the whole thing rehydrates. Then you can just keep your brown sugar in that container, and away from air, until you use it all up.


I subscribed to StartCooking.com for the easy to follow video recipes but at the rate I am getting these kitchen tips emails, like today’s How to Store Brown Sugar, I am going to know more than my mother soon!To think I put up with hard-rock brown sugar all these years, not realizing I can simply toss an apple into it, or microwave it.


Q. How can I keep my brown sugar from hardening after the bag or box is opened? A. To avoid dried-out and hardened brown sugar, store it in a cool area in a covered and airtight container once the box or bag has been opened. One way to soften hard sugar is to place a fresh apple slice, the peel of ...


How to store brown sugar without it becoming hard? Ask Question 24. 2. I put a clothes pin on my opened bags of brown sugar and keep them in a dark pantry at room temperature. Since I don't use it very often, it becomes hardened. My work-around is to use a grater to grate it but it would be useful to avoid the problem in the first place.


3 Ways to Soften Brown Sugar (and Keep It That Way) by Kate Gagnon. ... Ah, yes. The age-old question that plagues us all: How on earth do I keep my brown sugar from getting all hard and crumbly like some sort of fossilized molasses treat? One would think perhaps I would have figured this out by now, but no — alas, I cannot learn.


Anything that gets in the way of whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies is definitely not our friend. And fossilized brown sugar has interfered more times than we can count! Short of getting out the hammer and getting physical, here are some ways to soften brown sugar – and keep it that way!


Has this ever happened to you? You reach for the brown sugar in your pantry only to find it's turned into a rock-hard lump. Don't panic. Here are 5 simple ways to soften it up so it's as good as new. Plus, get tips for storing brown sugar so it's always fluffy and ready to use. Brown sugar hardens ...


You're gathering all your ingredients for a batch of cookies and you suddenly realize your brown sugar is hard as a rock. Here's an easy solution using your microwave. Video: How to Soften Brown Sugar | Martha Stewart