Clean up any existing hiding places, and lay down moth balls to prevent incursions by bats. To find existing bat roosts, look for signs of their entry points, locate the points, install exclusion netting, and seal up the... More »

Polypropylene netting, tape, bright lights, a bat box and aluminum foil can be used to get rid of bats in homes and other roosting areas, such as porches and barns. The project of installing the netting and tin foil shou... More »

Removing sources of food and shelter that snakes seek out is the most certain way to keep them away from a home. Snakes can also be kept out with a perimeter snake fence. Chemical snake repellents are available, but they... More »

According to Home Guides, there are two ways to keep bees away from a house: ensure nothing near the home attracts their attention; and, find and destroy their nearby nests. Homes that are close together may require a co... More »

Effective measures that discourage snakes from entering a house or yard include trimming tall grasses, plugging foundation cracks and sealing other exterior gaps. Cutting grasses and other tall plants deprives snakes of ... More » Home & Garden Pest Control

To remove bats from the attic, seal holes through which bats enter and leave the attic, and install a one-way exclusion device in their primary exit holes. This way bats will be able to fly out at night, but won't be abl... More » Home & Garden Pest Control

Snake repellents can be made at home with basic household ingredients such as oils and cayenne pepper as well as moth balls and sulfur powder. Some repellents, such as those made of peppers and spices, work best when spr... More »