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How to Talk to Your Horse. As social animals, horses communicate regularly with one another and their human owners. Much of a horse's communication involves tone and body language, much more so than making sounds. To talk to your horse,...


How do Horses Communicate with Humans? When asked to think about how horses and humans communicate with each other, most people would likely conjure up the classic image of a rider on horseback, steering with reins and giving a kick to signal “Go!”.


Horses can inflict serious injury with their legs, so understanding how your horse uses his legs to communicate will be very important for your personal safety. Your horse will paw or stamp the ground with his front legs when he is feeling impatient, frustrated, or uncomfortable.


How Do Horses Communicate? Horses communicate through body language. Horses grazing in a pasture can pick up on another horse's emotions through subtle changes in movement or stance. A dominant horse lifts its head with its chin up and its ears folded back to tell another horse to move. The dominant horse lunges forward if the other horse does ...


Effective communication results when those ideas are not only exchanged but also understood. When we consider how difficult it is for two humans to communicate using the same language, given differences in sex, race and background, is it any wonder that problems arise when humans try to communicate with animals? ... Horses communicate ...


When horses looked at a photo from the third set, where both eyes and ears were uncovered, they picked the bucket of food the horse in the photo was looking at about 75 percent of the time.


Horse Communication: The Big Secret By Jeffrey Rolo . Horse owners are much like people of any other stripe or occupation: they often seek the magic bullet that will solve all their horse-oriented problems or questions in one fell swoop. The problem is, when faced with a scenario such as… "My horse, who I've owned one week, fights the bit when I attempt to ride him.


Communicating With Your Horse On The Ground: Before you learn to communicate with the horse when riding, the first step is to learn how to communicate with your horse on the ground. When just starting out, you will be expected to only deal with well-trained and considerate horses, however, horses, just like people, have opinions of their own.


How Does Horse Communication With Humans Work? Horse communicators, aka horse whisperers, have fascinated people for centuries. These special people have a way with horses that has to be seen to be believed because the results can be incredible. The horses are drawn to them like flies to fresh baked pie! They appear to communicate […]