To install a light switch, remove the old switch from the wall, disconnect the wires, and reconnect them to a new switch. Before beginning this process, disconnect the electricity at the electrical panel, and test the sw... More »

Install a Clapper light switch by plugging the clapper into a power outlet and then plugging the lamp or lighting that it is to control into the Clapper. One Clapper can accommodate up to two lamps or lighting cords. More »

To install a wireless light control switch, connect the receiver, install a plastic box around the receiver and mount the control switch anywhere in the room. Ideally, use a wireless switch kit that is self powered to av... More »

To move a light switch, disconnect the power, remove the cover plate, unscrew the switch from the electrical box, detach the terminal wires from the switch, cut an opening in the wall, insert a new electrical box, and re... More »

To wire a basic light switch, turn off the power to the switch at the breaker, pull the wires to the switch out of the wall, connect the wires to the screws on the sides of the switch, and screw them down with a slotted ... More »

Changing a light switch involves disconnecting the power supply to the switch and removing the old switch using an insulated screw driver. Once you've removed it, replace the old switch with a new one. You need an insula... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical

To wire an electrical outlet to a wall switch, turn off the power, install the new switch box, run a new cable from the switch to the outlet, disconnect the tab connecting the receptacles on the outlet and connect the wi... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical