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Installing a fluorescent light is a wise idea, as it's an energy-efficient option. Learn how to install a fluorescent light fixture.


How to Replace Fluorescent Lighting. Changing a standard incandescent light bulb is, of course, the simplest of tasks. However, you may find yourself pausing when it comes time to replace a long, tube-style fluorescent lamp that is not...


If you’ve got a fluorescent fixture that doesn’t light up, flickers on and off, or won’t hold a bulb, we’ll show you how to troubleshoot the problem. Replacement parts are easy to install and can be found at home centers and hardware stores. If the fixture won’t light up at all, it may not be getting power.


And they’re not limited to drop-ceiling troffers: convert any metal fluorescent linear light, even single-tube commercial 8-foot light fixtures (we recommend our 4ft Ultra High Lumen Magnetic Linear LED Retrofit Kit for that—simply install the two 4-foot strips in a row, instead of side-by-side, to reach 8ft).


LED light tubes are popular replacements for the long, fluorescent light tubes, as they can last much longer and don't contain toxic mercury. Most of these tubes are designed to simply fit into the fluorescent light fixtures you already have; you can just remove the fluorescents, install the LEDs and you're done.


To install a starter in a fluorescent fixture, simply insert the starter and twist it to secure it in its socket. If the tube, the starter, and the ballast are all working properly but the lamp still doesn't light, check for a defective switch.


Learn how to add fluorescent lights in your bathroom, kitchen or workshop. Fluorescent lights are inexpensive & more efficient than traditional bulbs. See how easy it is to add a plug-in model underneath a cabinet.


Fluorescent lighting is inexpensive to run, but the light from standard tubes can look cold and industrial. There are, however, ways to warm up fluorescents to make them more suitable for home use. Tubes labeled "warm" or "full spectrum" produce a warmer light, while a translucent cover helps ...


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