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Many people use a contractor to install home central air systems, but it is possible to do much of the work yourself. Attempting to install central air systems is only recommended for construction-savvy individuals. Regardless of expertise, make sure to follow local building codes, instructs eHow.co


A central idea is the definitive and unifying theme or idea of a story or article. It encompasses all the aspects necessary to create a coherent main idea.


While some homeowners might be capable of successfully installing a central boiler, gas lines typically need to be installed by certified experts, and hiring an expert can save money in the long term. Mistakes made when installing a boiler can waste energy or even damage a home.


Centralized filing is a form of file management that aggregates the storage of all files of an organization in one location. This type of central archive can be placed under the control of specialized personnel for added control and security.


To estimate the cost of installing central air conditioning, determine the BTUs needed for the area first. Consult the Energy Star website to find BTUs needed for different square footage measurements. Costs vary based on this information, as well as any needed duct work.


A central venous catheter, or a central line, is a thin and flexible tube that is inserted into a patient's arm or chest, according to WebMD. The tube then delivers medicine, fluids, blood products or nutrients to a patient for an extended period of time.


A good example of centralization is the establishment of the Common Core State Standards Initiative in the United States. Centralization is a process by which planning and decision-making of an organization are concentrated in one group or location. Centralization has advantages and disadvantages, a


Central heating works by passing air from the home over a heat exchanger, which warms the air, and then moving the air to various rooms throughout the house via a system of ducts. A central heating system works in much the same way as a central air conditioning system, the only difference being that


A centralized government is one in which a small group or executive at the highest level of government holds all political authority, and all other political units are subject to it. Autocracies and totalitarian governments are centralized. A centralized government is distinct from a federal governm


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