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To tan safely, try a professional spray tan or a home tanning lotion, both of which are safe for your skin. Although a tanning bed exposes you to harmful UVA rays, you can take some safety precautions, like using goggles over your eyes and limiting the amount of time you spend in the tanning bed.


How to Get a Good Indoor Tan. Indoor tanning is a way to get a tan without outdoor sun exposure. Approximately 10 percent of Americans visit an indoor tanning facility each year, according to the Indoor Tanning Association. Indoor tanning...


How to Tan Indoors Safely – Sun Bed Tanning Safety Tips. Fashion and Beauty May 19, 2017. indoor tanning, salon insurance, Tanning, Tanning Safety Tips. Whether you are in search of some extra techniques for indoor tanning or are not already familiar with commercial sun tanning beds, then this article is for you. Regardless of the season and ...


4 Ways To Tan And Do It Safely Summer is on the way and you ladies are probably already shopping for that new bathing suit and accessories. If you are a guy, you are putting in a few more hours at the gym to look good on the beach. Many of you are thinking of that golden brown tan you are going to work on this summer that will be the envy of your office.


Many people believe that using a tanning bed, booth, or sunlamp to get a tan is safer than tanning outside in the sun. But the truth is that just like sun tanning, indoor tanning also exposes skin to ultraviolet (UV) rays, the cause of most skin cancer.. UV rays, whether they come from indoor tanning or the sun, can also cause wrinkles, rashes, and dark spots.


Tanning beds utilize bulbs that give off both UVA and UVB rays. You either stand or lie down in a tanning bed to be exposed to the bulbs. When the UVA rays hit the skin, they cause cells known as melanocytes to change color, resulting in the appearance of a tan, according to KidsHealth.org.


Professionals will tell you that tanning without protection is not the best way to get a tan. Indoor tanning is only moderately safe and you should only tan for a short amount of time and tanning should be regulated. Do not lie out in the sun for extensive hours to get a tan. You will save time and can minimize risk by tanning indoors.


Tanning Myths: What's True, What's Hype? Before you head out to the beach or indoors to tan, test your tanning savvy.


How to Get Tan Safely and Quickly (Indoor Tanning) Welcome to Part VI of "Good Looking Loser's Guide to Inexpensive Skin Care".. Lets talk about tanning. Over 28 million people in the United States do it.. In controlled bouts with the proper precautions taken, tanning can be safe and even healthful.. It can be dangerous and unhealthful too.. Safe tanning can produce a healthy skin to...


And some manufacturers go so far as to claim not only that their tanning beds are safe, but also that they will boost your mood, relieve joint pain, reduce cellulite and even make your skin look younger. Could tanning this way actually be healthy? The multi-billion-dollar tanning bed industry wants you to think so.