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There is no legal basis for becoming a sovereign citizen. Such a person believes he has a right to disobey any law that he sees fit at any time, according to JJ MacNab for Forbes. A sovereign citizen believes he is above all government laws and often cites archaic laws ...


Sovereign citizens are extremists who claim that the American government has no authority over them even though they live in the United States. Sovereign citizens believe they do not have to pay taxes to the American government or follow its laws.


There is no legally recognized means to becoming a sovereign citizen in the United States. Individuals who identify themselves as sovereign citizens believe federal, state and local governments operate illegally. As such, sovereign citizens believe that policies, laws a...


The benefits of becoming a sovereign citizen include never having to pay a traffic ticket again, being able to get rid of debts by using bonds and being unable to be sued in any court in the country. Further, a sovereign citizen can avoid both federal and state taxes, c...


A sovereign state is one in which the individual state or nation has exclusive control. The concept recognizes all states as equal. This means that regardless of financial capability, land mass or population, each state has the right to make decisions about what occurs ...


The literal definition of a sovereign person is one possessing supreme or ultimate power and has the supreme authority and power to act on one’s own affairs and in his dealings with others. However, the term has taken on a different meaning during recent times.


According to Provident Metals, the half sovereign is a gold British coin that was first minted in 1544 under Henry VIII. The coin features the face of the English ruler in power during the time it was minted. Gold half sovereigns were last minted in 1926.