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To identify a Ford motor, start by checking valve cover bolts on the top of the engine for Ford markings. If the bolts are unmarked, look for an ID tag for manufacturer information. Tags can be found under coil attaching bolts for 6-cylinder engines and some 8-cylinder engines, or under the dipstick attaching bolts on other 8-cylinders.


Thankfully, you can find this information on your own in a short time. All you need is the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and a computer with Internet access. Of particular interest, are the fourth-through-eighth digits in your VIN, as these identify the specific attributes of your vehicle, including engine type.


They identify the body type, engine type and braking system. The exceptions to this are imports such as Audi, BMW, Honda, Lexus, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Scion, Toyota and Volkswagen. These manufacturers often list the engine codes directly on the engine block.


If your engine has a decorative cover, it may be necessary to remove it in order to locate the model number, type, and engine code. If you need help identifying your Briggs & Stratton engine, please visit our engine model number locator guide to find these numbers.


How Can You Identify What Car an Engine Is From by the Casting Number? How Can You Identify What Car an Engine Is From by the Casting Number? ... The search feature lists the categories that each member works on or specializes in and can be narrowed by member type or location. AERA.org also offers an extensive list of preferred providers in ...


How to Find Your Engine Model & Type Number. The most important pieces of information you need when searching for a new replacement engine or parts is the brand name & manufacturer of your product, and its specific model/type information.


Identify your engine. Understand your engine plate, know the parts you need for your engine. ... as the engine family number is a simple way to understand your engine type. Engine family number describes how the engine is made up using the example above, in this case an 1106D-E66TA.


The Model, Type and Code numbers, stamped directly into the engine, are used to identify our engines. Engines used in lawn mower applications usually have the model numbers stamped directly into the blower housing, muffler heat shield, or a few inches above the spark plug.


Now that you have your vehicle information, finding the right part is easy. Simply select your year, make, model and engine size from K&N's application search or enter your VIN using K&N's part search by VIN to find K&N air filters, intakes or other performance products that fit your vehicle.


Code Description A 2DR Sedan 2WD B 4DR Sedan 2WD / Standard Cab Truck, 4WD, Standard Bed, Full-Size Frame C 2DR Coupe 2WD D 3/5DR Liftback, Double Cab Truck, 4WD, Extra Long Bed, Full-Size Frame