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The majority of wildfires in the United States are started by humans. Unattended campfires, burning leaves or debris, discarded cigarettes, and arson are often the cause. The roughly 10 percent of wildfires not caused by humans are attributed to lava and lightning, acco...


Human actions such as tossing lit cigarettes, leaving campfires unattended, arson and burning debris often cause wildfires, according to the National Park Service. Natural phenomena such as lightning and lava flow also contribute, though less frequently in America. Equi...


Most wildfires are caused by human actions, such as leaving a campfire unattended or discarding cigarettes. Wildfires can also occur naturally from lightning strikes and erupting lava.


Koalas are known for having an unpleasant temperament. For the most part, however, they tend to avoid aggressive behaviors that require expending a lot of energy. Females that are pregnant or have small offspring tend to be the most aggressive and territorial.


The eucalyptus leaves that form the major portion of the koala's diet are high in water content, allowing females to meet their water needs without seeking other water sources. Larger males, with a higher need for water, meet their water requirements by drinking water f...


Koalas move most ably and readily in their preferred environment, up in the branches of eucalyptus trees where they use their strong limbs and hooked claws to navigate, but they can also walk on the ground and can even swim if necessary. Koalas are much less capable whi...


California wildfires are large fires that spread quickly over terrain in California due to its climate. These fires are notorious for costing billions of dollars each year in order to put out and increasing in number and severity as time progresses.