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Most people have had a lucid dream at least once in their lives. Maybe they were in the middle of a nightmare that was especially horrific, and something alerted them that their situation was a dream and not real. In that moment of awareness, magic happens. You realize you are in a whole new world that you can control.


Binaural beats are an ideal trick to induce lucid dreaming easily! They are providing us a small shortcut to the fascinating world of lucid dreaming. They are an ideal way to prepare your mind for lucid dreams. Find more about these special beats (PLUS free samples) here.


Lucid dreaming experts recommend doing any of the following about 10 times per day: Try to push the index finger of one hand through the palm of your opposite hand. Do so with the expectation that you’ll be able to make this happen, while asking yourself both before and after whether you’re dreaming.


Meditation forms a part of many lucid dreaming techniques, and is especially valuable when you're learning to have WILDs or Wake Induced Lucid Dreams. Step #4 - Study Up With the first three steps you can easily have a handful of spontaneous lucid dreams. But if you're serious about having regular lucid dreams, you need to study up.


The Basic Principles Of How To Easily Have a Lucid Dream Tonight: Induce Lucid Lucid dreaming is not as complicated as you might think. It isn't an exaggeration that, if you follow tested...


If you want to know how to have lucid dreams, the number one way is to tell yourself repeatedly that you are going to have lucid dreams and remember them. As you go to sleep, repeat these words to yourself and you dramatically increase the chances that you will have a lucid dream. Keep a Dream Journal!


Keep a dream journal. Keep it close by your bed at night, and write down your dream immediately after waking, or the emotions and sensations you experience right when you wake up. This will train you to remember more of your dreams, which is important for lucid dreaming.


In this video you'll learn how to lucid dream tonight (instantly), through a step by step process. If you want to lucid dream right now, or if you are a beginner looking for techniques and tricks ...


How to lucid dream tonight (reliably) To lucid dream tonight, you need to prepare your body, mind and bedroom beforehand. Then set your alarm to go off after 6 hours. When it goes off, wake up and then go back to sleep with the intention of lucid dreaming, and keep your muscles still while you drift into a beautiful lucid dream.


Lucid dreaming is when you’re conscious during a dream. This typically happens during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, the dream-stage of sleep. An estimated 55 percent of people have had one or...