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Uncle Mike's does not produce leather holsters. Uncle Mike's manufactures its holsters from a range of synthetic fibers and injection-molded polymers, such as nylon, laminate and Kydex.


SafariLand.com, OpticsPlanet.com, CopsPlus.com, MidwayUSA.com and Amazon.com have a variety of Bianchi leather firearm holsters available for different applications, including law enforcement duty models, concealable styles, tuckable units and sporting designs. Differen...


New and old leather can become hard from an array of circumstances. Softening leather helps to preserve and better care for the leather over time. Leather can be softened by cleaning it and applying at least one coat of leather oil. You need leather cleaner, leather oil...


Styles of concealment holsters include hip holsters, inside-the-waistband holsters and shoulder holsters. Hip holsters, which ride outside the pants on a belt, are the most popular style. Pancake hip holsters sandwich the gun between two pieces of material. They keep th...


As of 2015, High Noon Holsters offers gun holster products made from leather and other materials for various usages, such as tactical holsters, hybrid usage holsters and ammunition magazine carriers. High Noon Holsters' offerings include gun holster accessories, such as...


Types of holsters available for sale on SneakyPeteHolsters.com include belt-clip holsters, belt-loop holsters and ballistic nylon holsters. Each style of holster is available for a number of different pistol models.


To choose a holster, begin with the type of handgun you want to holster. Revolvers, pistols and EDWs all have different specifications when it comes to choosing their holsters.